Weekend Group Lessons

We are pleased to offer our first term programs for our group lessons.  For more details click the following link

Olympic Ice Skating Centre offers weekend group lessons for all ages run by nationally accredited APSA professional coaches.

Lessons are run every weekend (including school holidays) at a cost of $29 paid on the day of the lesson. The lesson fee includes skate hire, a 45 minute group lesson, followed by the public skating session from 9.45am- 11.45am.

There are no forms to fill in and no need to book, just turn up unless you have signed up for the New Term program. 

Class Schedule

SaturdaySunday 9.00am – 9.45amLesson
9.45am – 11.45amPublic Skating Session

*Groups of 10 or more require a booking.

Our weekend learn to skate group classes offer beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced skaters a class level suited to their skating ability.

Beginners and Novice: The goal of these levels is to build confidence and overcome any fears. Beginners learn the correct way to skate, fall, and stand up while on the ice. They also learn the fundamental skate skills through forward 2 foot glides, forward swizzles, dips, rocking horse, backwards swizzles, and the basic snow plow stop.

Intermediate: This level focuses on further improving the fundamental skating skills established at the beginner level. skaters will learn the correct way to use the edge on their blade and further develop their forward stroking technique, and learn forward crossovers, backward slalom skating, 2 foot turns from forward to backwards- clockwise and counter clockwise- and a 2 foot spin with 2 revolutions. Skills developed at this level improve the skaters 1 foot gliding ability with the introduction of backward skating.

Advanced: The objective at this level is to master holding both forward and backward edges with the correct balance and posture and the development of backward crossovers. skaters are taught how to use their forward and backward inside and outside edges on a circle, backward crossovers, three turns, Mohawk turns, pivots, tap toe jumps, T- stops, two foot spins.

We recommend that skaters dress in comfortable warm clothing and wear gloves.