Penguin skate aids are available to hire at the rink to help your children gain confidence on the ice while they learn how to balance.

Children can become frustrated when they first step onto the ice and they can’t find their balance. Some kids spend the whole time hanging onto the side boards of the rink, or hanging off their parents arms, turning a fun outing into a drag for everyone.


Penguins give children the confidence to venture out on the open ice and start skating by themselves. The penguins are weighted at the bottom so they are harder to tip over and they glide freely across the ice. Holding onto the penguin and pushing along helps your child to develop the proper skating technique and they often start to skate by themselves halfway through their first session.
They are available for rent by the half-hour or hour, and are just as fun to look at as they are valuable in helping your child learn to skate.
The penguins are hired on a first come, first served basis.

fun with penguin skate aids